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    About Us      

Global Logistic Solutions provide Freight & Logistics Consulting Services. Provide clients second to non business solutions. We have the ability to convert our expertise and processes into integrated, adaptive business solutions. Our solutions enable clients to accelerate growth, streamline operations and create new levels of customer value and satisfactions.

Using workflow, business intelligence, and collaboration solutions, we help you make better decisions faster and with greater confidence with cost effectiveness.

At Global Logistic solutions, we professionals have a proven track record and have built a reputation for knowing what clients need to achieve their goals, by working closely with them. Making sure to get the job done to the perfection.


What is different in services offered by Global Logistic Solutions?


There might be thousand other firms offering consultancy in this area and we do offer similar products but the approach is unique. We offer solution to the perfection, by understanding exact requirement of the clients. We do believe in providing high quality, practical, strategic and total logistics solutions across the industry with cost effectiveness.




Then why choose us?


In addition to the above we have vast experience in the industry and same time has panel of consulting partners from specific areas of shipping and logistics. This enables us to give you one stop solution to any small or big problem in your business. We are quick and accurate. We follow the dead line and we do believe in what we offer.




What we can offer you:


We are professional, experienced and dedicated. We have in depth knowledge in the industry; we keep track of changing global conditions and terminologies. We make sure to deliver best quality solutions closely monitored by our consulting partners, which helps us to match final output as desired by you.




Wide service range


We have different experts for different areas for example you have query about handling DG cargo we will offer you assistance that no one can match, we have in depth knowledge of DG cargo which can match best in the world and no one else can offer in India. We can make your to line up your booking to best line after analyzing cargo, requirement, best freight rates, Quick and perfect DG approvals, Packaging solutions and approvals, stuffing etc. We will make sure to give similar assistance to all Trade related areas and you can enjoy hassle free one-stop shop solutions for all your trade related requirements. We ensure you that once you work with us; you won’t need to look elsewhere else for your future requirements/projects.




A perfect match for your project


This is the area where we have an edge as compare to other companies. With enough knowledge and experience we make it fast and accurate to get exact idea of your requirements. We make sure that deliver exact solution to your project. We do believe in policy of placing right person for right job and we do right thing in first time every time.






We believe in values and ethics so we do follow non-disclosure policy. We make sure that any information related to you job will not go out. For example we do not even share examples as a sample.




Competitive pricing


We assure you of a reasonable quote. Global Trade Solutions will offer you all the benefits choosing us for your help over others. We will make sure that with our help your organization will achieve your goals swiftly and smoothly. Same time accuracy and cost effectiveness will be given top priority.


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