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    About Us      

Immense talent is the first this that comes to your mind when you hear about India. Vast pool of English speaking graduates created a significant buzz around the world about India as an outsourcing hub for most business processes mainly related to IT industry and Service Industry. After this success India is looking to bring in business required in field of knowledge processing. Widely known as KPO, or Knowledge Process Outsourcing, this has become the next hot outsourcing area especially in the medical field.


This medical KPO brings in wide range of services that medical world can look upon as cost saving tools. This forms the integral part of our business.. Medical KPOs arrival on the Indian scene, India is a favored country for outsourcing, not only because of the difference in currency advantage and availability of pool professionals in that field. People here are hard working and do business across the globe round the clock. Medical KPO requires specialized knowledge and the country's large number of medical colleges and institutions are geared to address the demand for skilled professionals.


Bringing Medical KPO to India is challenging but not impossible. India is a favored destination due to its efficiency and quality at a reasonable cost. We are aware that this is the base or foundation of the business. Despite the challenges and fears about medical KPO, the fact remains that India is already contributing to this industry and will continue to do so by standardization of processes providing greater efficiency and saving costs.

  What is different in services offered by Global Health Solutions?  

We offer just the same services that any other medical writing company based in western world would offer. This includes preclinical and clinical reports, abstract and manuscript writing, translations of surveys and patient reported outcomes and just about everything required to support your product in the market.

  Then why choose us?  

We have dedicated writers who put in extra hours and make sure that the job is been done well in time, it is important to ensure client satisfaction. Our team of medical paper writers is willing to do exactly the same thing.

  What we can offer you:  

Most of our writers are professional, experienced and dedicated. They have in depth knowledge of medical conditions and their associated treatments. We endeavour to deliver best quality through our Quality Control process monitored by consultants which helps us to match final deliverable to your desired output.

  Wide service range  

With our several medical specialists, we are able to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your health writing requirements. We hope that once you have worked with us, you won’t need to look elsewhere for your future projects.

  A perfect match for your project  

This is an area where we believe we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our experience and expertise enables us to get a good understanding of your requirements. This helps us make sure that the suitable person gets assigned to your project. We strongly believe in placing right person for right job and we do pride in achieving this every time.

  Writers having English skills  

Availability of huge talent with fluency in English has made India global hub for all KPO/BPO jobs. We have writers who are extremely comfortable with English language and can cater to a global audience.


We believe in values and ethics so adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy. We make sure that any information related to you job will not go out. For example we do not even share examples as a sample.

  Competitive pricing  

We assure you of a reasonable quote. Outsourcing your medical writing to Global Health Solutions will offer you all the benefits of outsourcing to India along with high quality medical writing along with accuracy and cost efficiency.


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